Atham Areny story by Angelina Ngale (Pwerle)

Angelina paints the history of Atham-Areny. The place for this story is part of the hilly country near Willowra in Angelina's traditional country northeast of Alice Springs. Atham-areny comes from the Anmatyerre words atham (meaning no fire) and areny (meaning belonging to). ┬╗Akely-amperl arrkay-renem atham-areny-rnem. Ahernel anewaneyel akely-akely "The atham-areny are very little ghosts of the country. They are colorless and live in the ground [or places] where the fire does not belong. Angelina tells the story that these creatures are known to come out of their homes and steal and hide the babies in the community. It is important that they stay by the fire. If the Atham arena touches you, you will feel sick. In this case, a witch doctor has to come to sing and dance the disease out. In this painting, Angelina portrays one of the Aboriginal women covered in Awelye (body paintings) who are ready to sing and dance with the witch doctor to help eliminate all the diseases associated with the Atham arena. Linear patterns in the background represent body paintings. Artist Name: Angelina Ngale (Pwerle) Skin Type: NgaleLanguage Group: AnmatyerreLand: AhalpereRea: Utopia Region, Central Australia Born: 1947Read Angelina Ngales complete bio ┬╗Technical details Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen Background Color: Black Size of the painting: 30 cm x 15 cm Edge: approximately 2 cm wide black border to be wrapped around a 2 cm deep stretcher. In addition about 6cm of natural linen overhang. This painting is delivered unstretched rolled in a tube. This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and an artist profile. Shipping This painting is delivered unstretched and rolled in a tube. Please allow 1-3 business days to ship this item, followed by express shipping (1-3 business days for domestic delivery or 10-14 business days for international shipping) …. Learn More. #Aboriginalart #utopialaneart #indigenousart #decoratingideas # art #painting #nativeart # art lovers